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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Can I Teach my Cat to Dance?

Can I Teach my Cat to Dance?

You most certainly can! Training your cat to dance is a fun experience for both you and your feline friend. It can also be an awesome party trick to show your friends or maybe your kitty can be the next viral video star with their moves. So, grab your cat, a few yummy treats, and let’s get started

Dancing Cat

How to Teach a Cat to Dance

Teaching your cat to actually dance isn’t necessarily going to be one trick. You will probably want to train your cat to do several tricks that they can then perform in a row to dance. This will take some time but trust me, the result will be worth it.

So, the first step will be choosing what dance moves you want your cat to learn. We have put together step-by-step guides for a couple of tricks that we consider to be dancing. But you can always mix it up and create your own choreography. If you need any more inspiration, check out our other guides on training your kitty to do a few tricks.

Teaching your Cat to Spin

Getting your cat to spin on command is pretty easy, so we’ll start with this trick. First of all, you want to get your feline’s attention with their favorite treat. Wait until they are standing and facing towards you. Then, all you have to do is guide their head around until they do a complete 360° turn. Once they’re facing towards you again, give them the treat and lots of love!

It may take your cat a few tries to figure this one out and they might even attempt to grab the treat out of your hand. But be persistent and don’t give in until your cat does a complete spin. Repeat this process several times until your cat is spinning consistently. At first, it is best to spin in one direction only to avoid confusing your kitty.

Teaching your Cat to Weave through your Legs

If you’re more interested in dancing along with your feline friend, then this is the trick for you! Weave is also a relatively simple trick, but it might be difficult for some kitties to figure out because they need to move around a lot more.

Dancing Cat

Now all you have to do is add more steps! Guide your cat through the triangle once again but this time take a step forward and lead your cat through the next triangle before giving them the treat. Over time you can get your cat to weave through your feet for several steps in a row.

Just like "spin," you can add a vocal cue to this trick. All you have to do is say the cue, for example, “weave," as you guide your cat between your feet. Eventually, you won’t need the treat and you can use your hand to dance along with your feline.

Teaching your Cat to Put their Paws on your Feet

This one is going to be a little harder for your kitty to figure out than spin and weave, but the result is adorable! For this guide, we will show you how to teach your cat to put their paws on your feet while facing the same direction as you. But if you want to teach them to face you, the steps are pretty much the same.

First up, you’re going to want to teach your cat to stand in between your feet. Use a treat to guide them there, standing your legs out wide to give them plenty of space. Wait until your kitty stands completely still between your feet before giving them the treat. Repeat this step a few times until your cat is consistently performing this trick when you ask.

From there, repeat the same process while slowly bringing your feet closer together. Eventually, your cat will go between your feet when there’s just enough room for them. If they ever seem unsure about this, go back a step and make your feet a little wider.

Now, the tricky part, getting your cat to put his paws on your feet! You will want to reward even the smallest steps for their part and keep your feet still so your cat can figure it out. Guide your cat between your feet and start to tap on one foot with your finger. Give them a treat as soon as he shows interested in your foot by sniffing at it.

Repeat the same process, but this time wait until your kitty lifts his paw to reward him. Gradually reward him for putting his paw closer and closer to your foot until he places in on your foot. Phew, that took a while, didn’t it. Now you just have to repeat this process with the other foot! Once your kitty has both paws on your feet, you can start to slowly move them around as if you’re slow dancing. So cute!

Putting it all Together!

Of course, these tricks are great on their own. But what if you want to create an awesome dance routine where your cat performs one trick after another? Once your cat perfects each trick individually, this is actually quite easy!

Dancing Cat

Repeat this a couple of times a week, making sure to change up the order of the tricks each time. Keeping it different every time will encourage your cat to listen to you and not anticipate what trick is coming next in the sequence. Eventually, you can add more tricks to the sequence or ask your cat to be quicker when changing between tricks.

How Long Does It Take to Teach a Cat to Dance?

This entirely depends on how complicated you want your cat’s dance to be! Your feline can learn to spin in just one, short training session. On the other hand, if you plan on teaching your kitty more complex dance moves and to switch quickly between them, it could take months to perfect your dance routine!

But that’s all part of the fun of training. Spending a bit of time with your feline every day will greatly improve the bond between you. And all the hard work will be worth it when you and your kitty can finally perform a flawless dance together.

The most important thing to remember is to keep training sessions short and only teach your kitty one dance move at a time. Cats get bored and tired quickly so you always want to finish up a lesson before this happens. Stick to 2-5 minutes per session and do multiple sessions a day if needed.

Learning one trick at a time will stop your cat from getting confused and potentially slow down his training. But you should also take a few moments every couple of days to refresh the tricks your cat already knows. This will ensure that when your kitty will be ready when you start putting dance moves together into a routine.

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