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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How Can I Make My Kitty Live Longer?

How Can I Make My Kitty Live Longer?

You want to keep your cat living as long as possible, and even that isn't as long as you want of course. You have showered your feline with some of the incredible cat toys and houses and accessories you've found on this site, so now you want her to live with you forever to enjoy each other's company.

We know, sadly, that cats in fact do not have nine lives, but they can live much longer in general than their canine counterparts.

There are some easy tips to follow that will increase your cat's longevity, and some of the suggestions are more than simple common sense, so take note.

How Long do Cats Live?

Cats can live 15 to 20 years and studies show that indoor cats live at least 10 years longer than outdoor cats. Neutered and spayed cats are also proven to live longer, but as much as 60 percent.

The oldest known cat in recorded history is named Creme Puff, who lived in Austin, Texas until 2005 and died at the ripe age of 38 years old. Creme Puff made the Guinness Book of World Records, and her human, Jake Perry, had a previous cat who made the book previously for living 34 year, a cat named Grandpa.

Perry not only fed his cats a diet of turkey, bacon, broccoli, eggs, coffee and cream, but built a theater where he placed nature documentaries for his cat, and provided an enclosed outdoor area for them to go inside and outside at will. He also said he gave an eyedropper full of red wine to his cats every day.

While we are not sure we recommend these extreme measures that were done for Creme Puff, there are ways to keep your cat alive and healthy for a long period of time.

A Good Diet, but Not Too Much

Check your cat's food. The first five ingredients listed on the food package should not be soy or pea protein or corn meal, but some sort of meat. It's best to have grain-free food, too.

Having a good diet, maybe even supplemented with vegetables and even vitamins, is important but don't let your cat overeat. A bored kitty may and to want to eat more than their two meals a day, and that can make them overweight and shorten their lifespan.

Your cat could have vitamin A or vitamin D deficiencies and your vet may suggest supplements with her food.

By the way, a good diet includes good clean water, too. If there's too much chemicals in your local water supply, you may consider bottled water, and make sure the bowl is always clean and fresh.

Regular Vet Checks and All the Shots

Keep your feline's vaccinations up to date, and make sure there's a regular schedule to go see the doctor, just like you do. If you go see your vet every month or so for a nail clipping, that's a good time to let him check your cat for any mysterious lumps or bumps or cuts you find on your cat, or sores in the mouth.

If your cat vomits it may be because of a hairball, and that's because she is grooming herself and lumps of hair get caught in her throat. A gentle flavored laxative can help, or you can help by brushing a fluffy cat's fur regularly.

Spaying and neutering your cat is also a proven way to lengthen your cat's life. It eliminates your kitty from getting testicular or mammary cancer by more than 50 percent.

Keep the Kitty Entertained

Keep your kitty active and play a lot with her. Cats need exercise, both physically and mentally, and that includes the unique toys and puzzles you can get in our Toys & Games section. Play with your cat with some string or wands and get them to move a bit.

Keep Your Cat Inside

An indoor cat is safer, and will live longer because he won't be subject to predators like coyotes, hawks and mountain lions, and certainly will be safe from cars and other cats. Keeping a cat inside will protect him from fleas, disease and being stolen, too.

Also be careful, if your cat does venture outdoors, about what kind of fertilizer, weed killer or rat poison that is being used on your lawn or your neighbor's yard that could be ingested by your cat.

Give Your Cat Lots of Love

Finally, and this may be obvious, giving your cat a lot of attention, and lots of love will make your cat live longer, and will help you live longer, too. Yes, studies prove that taking care of a pet and nurturing your kitty will make you happier, and therefore live longer.

So, it's a good thing for both you.

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