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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How Cats Play a Role in the History of the World?

How Cats Play a Role in the History of the World?

Cats are part of human culture dating back at least 4,000 years to ancient Egypt. They have also played role in human history and pop culture even today, if not mores than ever.

Pharaohs and kings always respected the mystical felines and on their cave drawings and hieroglyphics in tombs, the cats are portrayed for their wisdom, fertility, strength and grace.

Obviously, cats were introduced into homes for practical reasons because they were good rat-catchers.


Cats in the Ancient World

The warrior goddess named Bastet is an Egyptian feline depicted as half cat and half woman. A protector of the country, she was warding off serpents with her claws. The famous Sphinx in Giza is a human head with a big cat body.

In Japan, cats were thought to guard the scriptures of Buddhism. Cats also became part of horror stories in the ancient Asian world.

In Europe, Nordic mythology features a goddess named Freya who controlled love, fertility, war and magic as well as cats. In India, cat mythology is also common, and the early versions of Puss in Boots came from some of their tales.

Cats are very big in Islam too, and Muhammad outlawed hurting or killing felines. He loved his own cat so much that rather than disturb him when he fell asleep on his prayer robe, Muhammad would cut the sleeve off his robe off and let the cat sleep.

Although at one time in many parts of the world, killing a cat was punishable by death, the superstition of the Middle Ages caused cats to be considered animals of sin or associated with Satan. The Plague, or Black Death during the 1300s let to the rulers calling for the killing of all cats and ironically that led to the spread of rats who actually spread the pandemic and made things worse.

Christopher Columbus brought cats on his ships to control the mouse population on board and left the cats that became the breed known as the American Shorthair.

Today, cats are still a part of pop culture. MTM (or Mary Tyler Moore) Enterprises has a logo of a cat and cats have become one of the most popular memes online and some of the most watched videos on social media.

Cats will always be part of our lives, and part of pop culture, as they always have been in history. Make sure your cat remains happy and has a long life.

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