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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How do You Know Your Cat is Happy?

How do You Know Your Cat is Happy?

It may not be easy to know if your cat is happy. He may sit on his tower all day and look out at the world, or she may sleep in her bed a lot. But is your cat a happy cat.

Keeping your cat safe and stress-free is what will keep your feline the most content, but even an indoor cat may need some stimulation or attention to be happy.

Here are a few things to look for in a happy cat:

Does she look healthy and relaxed?

If your cat grooms herself and licks you, then that's a good sign. If she sleeps with her paws tucked under, tats' the sign of a very relaxed kitty. And if she has her tail straight up, with a curl at the end like a question mark, that's a way to greet people she considers friends.

Does he meow a lot?

A happy cat will talk to you and let you know he's feeling fine. If his pitch is high and steady, that's a contented kitty, but if he has a low pitch growl, that may mean he's annoyed.

Purring is not always an indication of a happy cat. That could mean the cat is trying to soothe himself, or mean that he is also in a bit of pain.

Does she sleep more than usual?

A cat does sleep a lot, in fact up to 70 percent of it's awake life. But, if your cat seems to sleep more than usual, that could be a sign of her depression. Also, if she is used to sleeping with fellow cats, but suddenly is snuggling up only with you, that could be a sign of some distress

Does his eyes and ears seem normal?

If his ears are facing forward and tilted back just a little, that means your cat is very happy. Also look at his eyes. A cat with dilated pupils means they're comfortable and feeling loved.

Is she playing?

If your kitty is playing with you and playful, that's a good sign. If she's not doing the same games and playing with the toys she's used to, then there may be something wrong.

Does he eat?

Of course, a good appetite is the best sign to see if your cat is happy. Cats are smart and you know how they will tell you they are hungry by rubbing up against your legs and meowing.

Don't make him too happy because you don't want too fat a cat.

The best indication of a happy cat is when your kitty is curled up on your lap and purring evenly. That will make you happy, too.

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