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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How to Build a Bond with Kitty

How to Build a Bond with Kitty

Throughout a person's life, you experience friendship, love and close relationships. Smiling — whether giving one or receiving one — is the best thing a person can give. Humans build a relationship with everyone they come in contact with, and the same goes for cats.

We are divided by species, but united by our close bonds. It's sometimes tricky to build a friendship with cat, however. Your relationship with your at not only depends on the cat, but also depends on you.

How you treat a cat, how you try to please her, how you take care of him.

Here are some tips on how you can develop a long-lasting and firm bond with your cat:

The Right Space

As humans, we try to mold things in our way and try to make things look like we want to see them. Animals see the world in a different way from you. You must give animals space to express themselves freely.

"You can't drive felines to do anything," according to Dr. Nicholas Dodman, an animal behavior expert. "You can't make them love you, and you can't go to a feline that you've never met without causing issues."

Acclimatizing to a New Environment

As a general rule, it takes time for cats to adjust and adapt to a new environment, new people, unique sound, and new food. Give them time to adjust to the new situation and new conditions.

Pet and Groom, your Kitten

As your cat is adapting to a new home, she will start to stray in the house, exploring a new environment. After doing that, sometimes she will sit down next to you or plop in your lap, making herself familiar with you. It may take some time, from days to weeks depending upon the cat and her surrounding environment.

Cats groom on their own, but being brushed, cuddled and stroked make them feel good with the one handling them. Gently petting her head and cheeks will make your cat feel more comfortable.

Welcome & Patience

If the kitty is in the mood of playing, cuddling, or hiding, she will surely find a way to communicate with you. However, it doesn't always work.

A twitching tail, dilated pupils, and flattened ears are signs of unhappiness. There is no real time frame of bonding.

"You probably won't even consistently be moving in a positive direction," Dodman says. "You could be doing very well and afterward have difficulty. It would help if you simply got yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue attempting again."
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