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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How to Keep my Cat from Hiding Under the Bed

How to Keep my Cat from Hiding Under the Bed

Cats love to hide, and they sometimes will hide in an area for a long time, particularly if they are frightened or timid.

Hiding under the bed is a common spot for a kitty to hide, but it could be not very safe, or it could be very hard to retrieve a cat from under the bed.

So, here are a few tips to stop your cat from going under the bed, and some good alternatives to train you cat to find its own safe hiding places.

Why Does My Cat Hide Under the Bed?

The main reason a cat likes to go under the bed is because it's a safe and secure dark place that he can observe the world from, and escape out from in a variety of ways.

Cats may hide if they are under stress, such as another cat in the house, or a stranger he is unfamiliar with, or a loud noise that frightened him momentarily.

Or a cat may simply find the dark cool spot under the bed as a great place to take a nap, and find things to crawl into or explore, like a shoe box, or storage bin. If a cat is gone for a few hours, then something frightened him, and you have a scared cat on your hands.

Trying to get him out of the tight space isn't easy, because you are trying to get a cornered cat, and you can easily come out with some scratched up hands.

How do I Stop my Cat from Going under the Bed?

The easiest way to stop your cat from going under the bed it to block the path under the bed. You can use mats or books or boxes, or storage, but as you know it may be difficult to keep a cat away if it wants to play, or has a mind to go under there.

You may also consider getting a bed that doesn't have an elevated bed frame, or already has built-in storage underneath.

The best way to reduce the anxiety a cat may have that causes him to hide under there in the first place, is to offer a great alternative for him to hide or escape to that is a place all his own.

Cats like to hide, and perch, so having a place for him to observe the world in a safe location is ideal. We have some unique solutions with houses, cat trees, towers, blankets and pillows that have places for them to snuggle in and hide.

Some of the scratchers and boxes we have for them to hide in look like cathedrals, or palaces, or tanks. The blankets to snuggle in look like pizza, or shoes, or bananas. The pillows can look like fish, or pumpkins, or their own luxury beds.

Look at the houses that you can find in our Living Spaces collection for places where they can poke out their heads. What the cat needs simply is a place to call his own.

If he's not going up there immediately to explore, entice him with some words of praise, or catnip or treats to test their very own piece of furniture.

Give a cat a place to call his own, whether it be a stylish house that could look like a cradle, a perch that looks like wall art, a hand-made macrame hammock or a creative decorate tunnel or tree.

Find a favorite blanket or toy that the cat loves dearly and put it in this new safe space so that he feels comfortable nestling in there.

Your cat will enjoy these personal spaces more because they will be more centrally located in the house where there's some activity, and of course you cat will want to be the center of attention.


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