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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How to Pick A Cat Collar

How to Pick A Cat Collar

Some of the most unique cat collars you'll ever find are on the MyDearKitty site but it's a trick to figure out how to pick out just the right one for your feline.

One key thing is to be able to easily stick two or three fingers between the collar and the cat's neck so that you know it's not on too tight.

But, remember that the collars can become more stretchy over time and older cats will lose weight. Make sure the collar isn't too loose.

People debate whether an indoor house cat should even have a collar if they never go outside. Some veterinarians recommend collars, however, because inevitably even the most lazy cat may make it out into the big world outdoors if the door is left open. That's when people don't look for microchips in the cat, but will look to a collar for information to find the owner and return the cat to the proper place.

If your cat is not used to a collar, he may scratch at it at first and try to get it off. It feels different, so the cat will take some time getting used to it.

Try a catnip treat or some other toy to distract your cat from his new collar, and eventually he will completely forget about it.

Young kittens grow, so realize that too when getting your kitty a collar, and keep checking about the need to loosen the collar at least once a week.

Some people insist on break-away safety collars, and we offer a few of those on the site. Everyone hears horror stories about cats who may have accidentally strangled themselves.

Your cat's collar could be part of her identity. Be picky about your cat's collar, cats like something shiny and sparkly. She deserves the best, and especially something from our Fashion Wear collection for some most elegant.
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