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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How to Toilet Train a Cat

How to Toilet Train a Cat

If you’re a soon-to-be cat owner, you may be wondering how to train your new kitty to use the litter tray. If you’ve ever owned a pup, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to get them 100% house trained. Will your cat be the same?

Steps to Litter Training a Cat

First and foremost, you want to introduce your new kitty to the litter tray as soon as possible. Once they arrive in their new home, pick them up, and put them straight in the litter tray. If you’re lucky, they will go to the toilet there and then. Give them plenty of privacy if they do and reward them with a treat when they’re done.

Kitty in Litter Box

Another thing you can do is to lift your cat into the litter tray after mealtimes or after a nap. This is especially useful for litter training young kittens and it gets them into the routine of going to the litter tray as soon as they wake up. Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t use the litter tray every time, lifting them into it regularly will remind them to use it when they do need to go.

Just like the first step, give your kitty privacy when they’re using the litter box. Just like people, cats don’t like to be watched when they go to the toilet! Always remember to give your cat a treat and lots of praise whenever you see them using the litter tray.

How Long Does Litter Training Take?

99% of cats will learn to use the litter tray after being introduced to it once. Felines like to keep their core territory (aka: your house) clean. Going to the litter tray helps them to feel like they’re keeping everything tidy.

However, some cats might take a little longer to use the litter tray every time. Older cats that are used to going to the toilet outdoors could struggle because they prefer to go to the toilet outside the house. In this case, filling the litter tray with soil from the garden might help your kitty figure it out!

If your cat keeps having accidents around the house after a few days or if they suddenly stop using the litter tray, a trip to the vet is in order! Several health issues could cause your cat to ‘go’ outside the litter box from urinary tract infections to diarrhea. Once your kitty is all healed up, they should start using the toilet as normal.

Litter Training Tips

Cat in Litter Box

The final tip is, you’ll probably need to put in more litter than you think! Remember, cats love to bury their droppings and they need enough litter to do this well. If your kitty doesn’t have enough litter in their box, they could get anxious and start going to the toilet outside the litter tray. Litter should be at least 2 inches deep but some kitties prefer litter depths of up to 4 inches!

What If I Want my Cat to Go to the Toilet Outside?

Teaching your cat to use the toilet outside is even easier than teaching them to use the litter tray. All you have to do is let them outdoors. Cats usually prefer to go to the toilet outside the house and will quickly find a comfortable spot to go to the toilet. Once they’ve found the perfect place, most cats choose to go out rather than use the litter tray.

If you want your cat to use the toilet outside, make sure you let them out as soon as they ask. Most cats will figure out how to get you to open a window or door for them. Keep an eye out for them standing by the window or trying to get your attention. If you hear them meowing across the house, check if they need to go outside.

But it’s important to keep at least one litter box around the house. Even if your cat loves to go outside, you never know when they could have a toilet emergency. The last thing you want to do when you come home from work is to clean up kitty’s droppings from the carpet.

Can I Train my Cat to Use the Human Toilet?

Cat Reading in Toilet

To start, attach the toilet cover with the smallest hole and fill it with litter. Use treats to guide your cat onto the toilet a few times a day. This will ensure that they know where to go. Keep your cat’s litter tray in its usual spot to prevent accidents, but give your kitty lots of love every time you see them using the toilet instead.

Over time, you gradually replace the toilet covers with larger and larger holes until your cat is just using the toilet seat. If they start having accidents around the toilet, go back a step or two until they’re comfortable again. Eventually, you will be able to remove the toilet cover completely.

If you want to teach your cat to use the toilet, there are a few house rules you will have to keep in place. The bathroom door should be left open with the toilet cover up and seat down so that your cat can use the toilet whenever they need to.

You should also let your kitty use the toilet first if they want to, no matter how much of a rush you’re in. If you stop them, fluffykins might think they’re not supposed to use the toilet anymore and go somewhere else!

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