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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
How to Use a Wand to Train Your Cat

How to Use a Wand to Train Your Cat

A wand is a fascinating thing to a feline. They will follow it and want to swat it or catch it. But, the wand is also an exciting and simple way to train a cat and get her to do repetitive things that she will be rewarded for doing.

A wand can get your cat to climb, jump, crawl and do other possible tricks if you have some patience. Your cat likes to catch things, you know that, and he will recreate his natural instincts to hunt prey while you manipulate the wand.

Check out the very diverse kinds of decorative wands in our collection of Toys & Games. They will all be things that your dear kitty will want to play with if given the chance.

The wand can seem like a mouse, or bird, or bug. Make the wand wiggle, or hop like a real animal. A good wand will be sparkling or twisting and allow you to manipulate it with many random sudden actions that challenge the cat when chasing it down. Your cat may be smart enough to know that the wand isn't a real creature, but he will want to hunt it anyway.

The wand can make your cat jump long distances, or with a slight flutter the cat could do smaller, more contained moves. When you get your cat to do the move you want, whether it's a jump, or walk, or standing up on his hind legs, then reward the cat for his specific move, and he will get to understand that the move is important and be likely to repeat it. Give him a pat or treat every time he recreates the desired action, and eventually try it without the wand.

When your cat is not being playful, then hide away the wand toy because your cat may be less likely to chase it when it is always around. You want your cat to be intrigued and fascinated by it every time she sees it.

We offer unique wands such as mini fishing poles with tiny string fish attached, and wands with a squid created out of eco-friendly material. These wands will protect your own hand from being bitten or scratched, which will happen when playing with a kitten. Wands will keep your hands at a distance and the ones we make are collapsable to easily store away when the cat doesn't want to play.

With some of our wands we incorporate a buzzer that gently mimics the sound of insects, so the cat will actually think he's outside in the woods fighting beasts to protect you. Studies show that kittens are more healthy when getting physical exercise and mental stimulation, and playing with them will create a special bond between you and the kitty. Anything that captivates a cat's attention, gets the cat active and creates curiosity is a surefire pick for the cat's favorite toy.

In the wilderness, cats will wait for birds or small animals to pounce on, and a wand mimics those natural instincts. The reason to put the wand away is because the cat will chew up the feathers and ribbons on the wand when it isn't moving.

Make sure that if you have your cat leap into the air, the can can land safely and not onto a piece of furniture or something she can get injured on if she hits it. A wand could get your cat to go into a cat tunnel, or get onto the top of a cat tower if there is some hesitation for her to try those new toys.

Allow your kitty to "catch" the prey at the end of the wand every once in a while so she will feel satisfied with the game you are playing. Otherwise, she could get tired too quickly or frustrated that she can't catch the dangling prize.

Cats of all ages will want to play with a wand toy. That is something they never grow out of, and will always want to hunt.

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