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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
What are Some of the Odd Things that Cats Do and Why

What are Some of the Odd Things that Cats Do and Why

Cats are probably the oddest and most misunderstood domestic household pet that we tend to have, because some of their behaviors are unexplainable when compared to birds, dogs, rats or even fish.

Why do cats do some of these things? Some experts have tried to explain it, but sometimes these odd cat behaviors still simply defy explanation.

Why Do Cats Knock Over Things?

You've seen it happen. A cat will jump up on a bookshelf or a table and look at a vase, or a delicate figurine, and when you least expect it simply tip it over and watch it crash to the ground and shatter into pieces. Then, slink away as if he's proud of what he just did.

Cats have a lot of natural curiosity, and they have sensitive paws, so they like to knock things or push things to test out how it feels. They like to swat their prey, too, so it could be said this is innate behavior, or it could be to get attention.

Cats Like to Squeeze Into Tight Spaces

It may seem uncomfortable, but cats like tight spaces and could be found in boxes, vases, cabinets, urns, dresser drawers, closet corners and cramped spots under the bed. It makes them feel comfortable, cozy and secure, and it can be tracked back to their wild larger-cat relatives. That's how they avoided predators.

Cats Like to Massage Things

Cats seem to do a little dance and knead things with their paws like they are massaging a pillow. It's a habit that goes back to their early kitty days when they pressed on their mother's stomachs to stimulate milk. Cats also do this because they feel content and relaxed.

Cats Butt You with Their Heads

Cats will bop their heads against you in a funny head-butting way, and that is a way to show that you belong to them. When they do that, the cats release pheromones from their mouth and out of their cheeks. That position shows that they are marking you as their own. (And you thought maybe it was the other way around?)

Cats Chatter Their Teeth

Cats will click their mouth together like a chatter especially when they see a bird. It's like a fast teeth chattering to show that they are excited to see a possible prey to hunt. Cats can chirp, howl, growl, cough, hack and grunt, too, especially if they see something that they want to catch or hunt.

Cats Give You Things You Don't Want

Your cat will give you offerings, like pieces of a mouse, or a dead bird. These are gifts, and you should be thankful. It is considered a great honor, although sometimes you don't want them to be brought to you in bed.

Cats Protest Pooping Out of The Box

When a cat suddenly goes outside its usual litter box space, then there's a reason why. Mostly, it's because you haven't cleaned the litter box well enough and they don't want to go in a dirty box. They are telling you, rather unsubtly, that it's time to clean up.

Cats Bounce Off the Walls

A cat can be so excited she could be bouncing off the walls. They will jump up and down and race through the house and make the carpet buckle and slide, like the place is full of catnip. This is a period of playfulness, and it is probably a good idea to make sure there aren't places that the cat can hurt himself, and that all the windows are closed.

Cats Chew Odd Things

Cats will chew things a lot like they are nursing, and it is especially done on soft items. That could be rubber bands, blankets, plastic bags and sometimes potentially hazardous items like electric wires. It is usually done because your cat is bored or anxious, so it's better to get them safer things to chew on and play with so they won't get a stomach ache.

Cats Ignore You

Cats are generally introverts and may seem to want to be left alone, but they also may purposely seem like they are ignoring you. Yes, they may turn their head when you come home, or walk away when you approach them.

Don't worry about it, around dinner time they will come up to you and give you a nuzzle. Or, you will get them to want to play with you when you least expect it, like the middle of the night.

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