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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
What is the Best Way to Trim Your Cat's Nails?

What is the Best Way to Trim Your Cat's Nails?

One of the most difficult things to deal with when you are talking about feline issues is trimming a cat's nails. It can result in howls, cries and blood — and that's just for you.

One bad mishap with a nail-trimming fiasco can result in your never wanting to do it again. That means possibly going to the veterinarian or a professional groomer every time your cat needs to get a trim, and that could be costly and time consuming.

How Often Should I Clip My Cat's Nails?

In general, a cat may need claw trimming every two to four weeks. Check to see if the cat's claws are too sharp.

Cats need to have healthy nails in order to climb and scratch. Outdoor cats need nails and claws to protect themselves from other cats.

Do not consider getting surgery for the cat to be de-clawed. That in considered cruel and possibly dangerous if they ever meet another cat that wants to attack them. It also prevents the cat from doing natural clawing and scratching that it would normally do.

Having a good scratching post or scratch pad is the ideal way for a cat to control his claws without taking it out too much on your favorite pieces of furniture. Our scratching posts and boxes are creative, artistic, safe and all hand-made just for your cat.

Does Trimming Cat Claws Hurt?

Cutting your cat's claws is just like the pink part of a human fingernail, and if you cut too deep, it could bleed and cause your cat some pain.

The trick is to cut the ends and tips. Don't continue cutting if the cat is too upset, and make sure the bleeding stops if the cut is too low.

If your cat's claws are curved, too long or razor sharp then try to give him a trim.

Getting them used to trimming when they are young so that they do not freak out when they are more mature, and get used to the procedure. A mature cat may need more frequent trimming than a kitten's nails.

You can use human nail clippers or special scissor-type pet nail clippers, and cut the irregular nail above where the nail enters the kitty's claw.

How Can I Calm my Cat before Trimming Her Nails?

Keeping your cat comfortable for the nail-clipping procedure is a challenge in itself. Start by rewarding the cat for lying down on her side, or holding her comfortably so she won't squirm.

Offer a few favorite treats while you lift the kitty's claw and clip one nail, then offer a treat at the same time if she remains calm.

It's not a good idea to calm the cat by using catnip during this time, because she will be very distracted and maybe even act a bit goofy, and that's not the ideal situation for clipping.

Good luck, and remember, if there's always a struggle when it's nail clipping time, there's always a veterinarian or groomer nearby who can do it a lot faster and with perhaps less struggle.

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