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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Where are the Best Places to Put a Cat House or Cat Tree?

Where are the Best Places to Put a Cat House or Cat Tree?

You have seen the spectacular, artistic and hand-made cat houses, cat trees and cat towers in our Living Spaces collection, but now you may have trouble figuring out the best place to put it in your own living area.

We have designs that are equipped to handle large spaces, or confined apartments, and styles that can blend into any home decor without overwhelming the house with the cat. But of course, the cat is king, so having a proper location for his own space is of the utmost importance.

Cats love to climb, they love to perch, and they love to survey their domain from above, like their relatives, the lion and the tiger. So, find a spot that they will love to spend their time, feel comfortable, and be around you, because they like company, too.

You may have located a place that is fine for you, but it may not be very appealing to your cat. So, don't get frustrated if your cat doesn't take to the tower or tree right away, it may be simply where you have put it.

Location, location, location. All real estate and business owners know that's most important, and so is finding the right place for your kitty house.

If you put the tree or tower near a window, that would be like the cat having its own TV, watching all the people and other critters around the street going past the window. However, if it's a window you like to keep open a lot, then it's probably not a good idea to put your cat next to it, especially if lots of squirrels or birds or other cats are around the neighborhood.

Don't put the tree or tower near the food or water bowls, especially one of our artistic ones, or near one of our designer litter boxes because cats may spill the bowls, and they don't like to be sleeping too near their litter box.

Cat houses and trees give cats a chance to have their own safe lofty place to lounge, hide, climb, scratch and play on their own. They may provide hours of entertainment for you and your guests to watch, although the cats are probably watching you, too.

Consider the pros and cons of each area of your house, and you'll settle on the perfect spot.

Living Room

If it's not too crowded, your main living area will be perfect for a piece of cat furniture. You can have it next to your main sofa, or if it's not too distracting, next to the entertainment center where your music or TV is playing. If your cat is a show off, he will know that when company is visiting it will be his time to scamper around and be cute, perhaps being rewarded with a scratch or a cuddle.


Sharing a bedroom with your cat is a good idea, unless you don't mind him coming to snuggle up with you in your own bed, rather than his own. Of course, having his own space with his own pillow in the cat house could assure that he won't be snuggling up with you. The other problem is that when your cat goes into his nocturnal play mode, it may be a bit noisy for you in the middle of the night.

Laundry Room

If your cat likes a bit a privacy, this may be a place that is tucked away but still active enough to keep him interested. If your cat is skittish about newcomers or visitors, this is a good place for him to run and hide to his safe space. The room has a dryer, and that is guaranteed to keep the cat warm because they do very much like warm places. This could be a place where he would sleep undisturbed.


If there's a window, or something more that provides activity, a bathroom could be a good spot for a tree or house. If you've already crowded it with a litter box for the cat, then maybe this isn't an ideal location for another major piece of cat furniture.


For a cat that also goes outdoors a great deal, or has access to the yard, the garage could be a comfortable place for a large cat tree. Keep it a good distance from where the car or other vehicles and machinery will come and go, and make sure all hazardous materials are safely tucked away. A cat door can assure your cat to get in and out easily, and escape from predators if being chased.

Wherever you decide, take your cat's personality into consideration and if it doesn't seem ideal at first, try another part of the house.

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