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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Why do Cats Like Boxes and Scratchers?

Why do Cats Like Boxes and Scratchers?

Toys don't have to be elaborate for a cat, sometimes a simple box will do.

Cats have scent glands in their paws so when they scratch on a piece of furniture, or carpet, or you, then they are leaving their scent all over the place. It is marking their territory, and more common than a urine trail.

Cats particularly like to whittle away at cardboard boxes, and scratching them leaves large marks with visible grooves. Because cats are natural predators, a cat will crouch inside a box and hide, acting like no one can see him, and then pretend to stalk anyone coming past. An unsuspecting victim may be jumped on or pounced on, but of course, not hurt.

Certainly a newcomer to your home may be something that your cat will check out and may pounce on or stalk like a miniature lion. Boxes are a great distraction, but make sure they are safe.

Check out the creative amazing Scratchers and Boxes available on the MyDearKitty site available for your cat to polish his paws, rather than on your furniture. The scratching posts and boxes are conversation pieces because some of them look like they have come out of the "Lion King" or "Star Wars" or "The Game of Thrones" or they look like the White House, or cathedrals or animals.

Cats scratch on things to mainly shed the dead outer layer of their claws and it gives a cat a sense of identity in defining his own territory. It is a normal behavior for cats to scratch, so you don't want to discourage this natural instinct. The best thing is to give them a suitable alternative for them to scratch.

Studies have shown that giving cats a box to scratch in will relieve stress for them, and especially when you bring a new cat into a home, or introduce two cats, or a cat and and a dog.

Having that box or scratcher to tear up is very helpful for the cat. And, it's better than scratching up the other animal.
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