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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat-Themed Accessories

Cat-Themed Accessories

  • Cute But Psycho Women's T-shirt with Cat

  • Ceramic Cat Vase

  • Simple Wool Crochet Coaster Set (set of 4)

  • Paw Key Chain

  • Wooden Stud Earring Paws

  • Wooden Earrings Paws

  • Round Paws Coaster


Discover Some Kitty-Clever Accessories You Never Thought of Having Before, but Now You Must Have Them

Is your cat in every part of your life? Of course, she is, and that's why you have to have everyday things around to remind you of her alone at home lounging in her Cat Hammock or hiding in her Cat House. You'll find all your needs in the For Cat Parents section of this site.

So, accessorize with some cute cat keychains, or get a crazy colored cat key holder where you can always find your keys. They will be perched at the end of a colorful tail of a cat made out of recycled wood and cork.

If I get more of these cat things will I become a crazy cat person?

You cannot have enough cat tchotchkes. Cat collectibles are cute, and these are among the most amazing cat curios around, so make sure you check every corner of this site for the most exclusive kitty items out there.

And so, you are called a crazy cat person. Maybe you are, and is it all that bad? Do you think your cat cares?

When you're out and maybe caught in the rain, pop opens a colorful umbrella with cats on it or a lot of cat faces. Black cats, white cats, Siamese, Tabby, and more are depicted on these pop-up plush umbrellas.

When you're back home, and you're enjoying some tea with a cat mug, and cat tea bag holder and your kitty is relaxing nearby on an exotic pillow or eating out of her stylish cat bowl, you will be able to put down that teacup on some very cool drink coasters made out of Merino wool and mohair, shaped like little cats.

The accessories include crackle aqua glaze dishes depicting cats that could be used for a soap dish, trinket dish, ring keeper, or wall hanging to go next to one of your cat clocks.

Another cute mini vase can double as a toothpick holder, shot glass, small salt cellar, matches, or a small bouquet of wildflowers.

And then there's the Siamese cat bell sculpture pinched from stoneware glaze with a clay bead clapper for a sweet musical bell tone. It will have your cat-loving guests exclaim, "Where did you get that?"

Too many cat items to pick from?

We know, it's overwhelming, so maybe the Proud Cat Owner Bundle is the answer for you or for a cat lover who has an upcoming birthday or holiday. That includes a T-Shirt, a table, a bag, a kitchen set, an umbrella, and clocks all for a single great price.

For other possible groupings, consider the Mega Cat Bundle which offers two teaser wand toys, a large and medium catnip toy, three small toys, one food bowl, an adjustable cat collar, a bandana, a collar charm, and an enamel cat pin as well as a monthly issue of Catpuccino News.

There's also the Cat Lover Kitchen Gift Set with an apron, a tea towel, and a mug. Or, the Fashion Bundle, which includes one of our lovely bandanas, a cat collar, and a pendant for one low price. Give us some time to make these handmade treasures that you are sure to cherish.