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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Backpacks & Bags for Cat Parents

Backpacks & Bags for Cat Parents

  • Soft Carrier Bed for Cats

  • Alternative Cat "Backpack"

  • Kitties Leather Crossbody

  • Hand-Painted Leather Bag

  • The Aristocats Bag

  • Black Cat Crossbody


Truly Be the Cat's Meow With a Trendy Cat Bag or Elegant Cat Purse

Whether for a formal outing, or a casual trip to the grocery store to get cat food, you can find a cat tote bag, or cat clutch purse, or a wide variety of handmade items in our For Cat Parents section.

No one else keeps a design collection like this. Whether it depicts Marie, the sleek cat character from The Aristocats, or a giant kitty paw print, or an elegant profile of a black cat with a red rose, most of these purses can be custom fit to be made into a crossbody rounded bag, a crossbody rectangular bag, or a simple clutch purse. You can also pick the background of the bag. Most of them are made out of leather, or PU leather, cotton, or poly-cotton material.

A few of these cat tote bags are created so you can squeeze your kitty into it, as long as you have one of her special cat pillows or pads tucked away inside for comfort.

What makes a good cat purse?

When looking for a good cat purse or cat backpack, make sure all the material used in the creation is flexible, stretchy, and breathable. For extra security, make sure there are zippers and seams that are reinforced, and room for the kitty to move and lie down to get comfortable. All of our cat purses, clutches, bags, backpacks, and totes, are safe, stylish, and easy to clean, and they meet all the requirements for what makes a good cat purse.

But most of the time, your cat will stay at home in her state-of-the-art Cat House or perched on a Cat Tree, and not travel around with you, so you will have lots of other cat accessories to store in that eye-drawing bag you are carrying.

There is no doubt that every time you go out with one of our cat bags or cat purses, someone will remark about it, and ask you where you got it, and you can point them to this site and the For Cat Parents section.

What is the purpose of a cat bag?

Not all of our items on this Bags & Backpacks page are made for actually carrying a cat, but most of them are, and there are times that you may want to take your kitty out into the world, or she may have to go to groomers or to a vet.

A cat bag is a good way to gently restrain your kitten when she's getting a shot or having her nails clipped or during grooming if she is usually skittish. When your cat is completely restrained inside the bag, with a cat pillow or cat mat inside, the corners of the top of the bag will allow her head to come out or be an easy way to reach her paws.