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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Blankets & Cat Covers

Cat Blankets & Cat Covers

  • Choco Cat Tent

  • Peekaboo Cat Bed

  • Floof Cat Blanket

  • Floof Cat Cushion

  • Pink & Gray Cat Blanket

  • Cat Sherpa Blanket

  • Crochet Kitty Blanket with Bunnies


Funny, Whimsical, and Comfortable Cat Blankets and Covers Keep Your Kitty Purring

Cats absolutely do not like to sleep on the cold hard ground, you know that. They will find a soft pillow or fluffy blanket, or available lap, to snuggle in and set down on, preferably in the sun. Some of the more mischievous kittens will burrow or hide underneath the covers, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting ankles that happen to pass by.

The crazily creative cat covers in this Living Spaces section include an egg-shaped blanket, or a banana, or a shoe-shaped bed, or a hysterically funny pizza blanket. Your cat could cuddle in a bed with a mermaid tail, or crawl into a hand-crocheted cat blanket that is made-to-order just for you and your kitty. All of our collection is created at the time of order, so be patient for the arrival of these blankets that you will not find anywhere else.

Do cats like to be covered by blankets?

Yes, cats love to be cozy and snug, so when the temperature dips and the sun goes down, they want to feel safe. Our blankets are careful to avoid any hazardous materials and provide a simple and elegant place to relax. And they're pretty, too.

Some cats prefer to stay on top of a blanket, but others love to hide deep inside a cover and poke their whiskers out to see what's going on. In our special collection in Living Spaces, there are special pouches in some of the covers to add catnip that we also offer, as well as Cat Toys & Games for Cats to enjoy while snuggling up in the blanket.

Why do cats knead blankets?

Cats need to knead blankets. Kneading is when a kitten pushes in and out on a pillow or blanket with her two front paws. Sometimes they will do it on you, too. They will do it on blankets, cushions, comforters, and on the pillows and pads that can be found on another page on the site.

Kneading is a habit that takes the cat back to the time when they were nursing and pushing against their mother's stomach. When they do this, they are happy and contented and you will inevitably hear them purr. Sometimes they will suck on and bite a blanket, and again, it brings them back to the place of being a kitty and nursing with their mother.

Do kittens need a blanket?

Absolutely kittens need a blanket just like a baby because blankets provide a recognizable comfort for a cat. That is why a veterinarian will tell you to bring a favorite blanket to comfort your cat when taking him for an office visit.

Your cat will recognize this as part of his home, maybe part of his cat house and the scent will make him feel more secure when he's taken away from the home, or when you go traveling.

And, don't throw away the old worn blanket until he gets used to a new one. Get a few blankets and covers and a few toys to keep him happy until your cat accepts the new blanket as his own.