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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Blankets & Cat Towels

Cat Blankets & Cat Towels

No Need to Share Your Cat, Snuggle Up With Your Own Cat Blanket and Cat Towel

You know how possessive your cat can be, so you must get a cat blanket of your own from our For Cat Parents section as well as a stylish blanket for your cat all for himself. Maybe you will want to color coordinate or match any of the plush pillows or cat mats that we have in our Living Spaces collection.

Do cats like having cat blankets on them?

Of course, they do. Cats love to burrow under blankets because it encourages their natural instincts to hide, and prey, and stalk.

Your cat is naturally a predator, and he will seek a protected space from which to observe, so if he is not upon a Cat Shelf or Cat Tower, he could be peeking out from under a blanket. And, they most likely he will want to be with you in your own blanket, too.

All of our blankets are made from super soft fleece and are easily cleaned and machine washable. Some of the blankets are also hooded, so it is also perfect for sitting outdoors, or indoors with a warm hot chocolate in your cat mug with a kitten on your lap.

You may want to consider our super special "Proud Cat Owner" Bundle that includes a T-Shirt, a table, a bag, kitchen set, umbrella, and a clock all for a giant discount. For the extra special cat-loving pal, this is a gift that will truly be unforgettably precious.

The specially-made prints that you won't see anywhere else include a colorful assortment of choices, such as cats kissing the moon, cartoon cats, realistic kittens, cats with large eyes, a cat with an umbrella, and a royal queen cat with a crown and a wand. You can feel like the royalty your cat already knows he is.

Don't force your cat to go underneath a blanket, let the cat decide if he wants to get down under there with you. Leave the burrowing up to him, and eventually, he will come over to you, knead the blanket a bit, and then decide for himself.

Of course, your cat will always want to walk all over you in one of these blankets, but he'll love you for it!