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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Bowls & Feeders

Cat Bowls & Feeders

  • Triple Wood Cat Feeder

  • High Triple Cat Feeder

  • Cat Feeder Origami Series

  • Ceramic Kitty Bowls Set

  • Ceramic Cat Shaped Bowl for Kittens

  • Ceramic Elevated Bowl Stand for Cats

  • Wide Ceramic Cat Water Bowl


Exotic Cat Bowls and Feeders You Don't Have to Hide When Company Visits

Anyone who is tired of the bowls they use to feed their feline, or feels like they have to hide their ugly cat bowls when company comes over, will have to look over at the cute and colorful designs offered in our Bowls & Feeders section. You will never have to be ashamed of your cat's bowl ever again.

Get a bowl for every holiday, we offer an incredible assortment. Pull out a specially crafted one-of-a-kind ceramic bowl for Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas. If you prefer something that isn't specific to a holiday, then check out the very exotic Leopard cat bowl or cool Zebra cat bowl.

Depending on you and your kitty's coloring and tastes, other available options include a Tropical motif with Sand Dollars or one with Sea Shells, and one with Bone and Hearts. All of the bowls are handmade and each one is different, and painted just for you, so they may take a bit of time to get to you, and not one of them is like the other. Order them well in advance of the holiday of your choosing.

For a household with multiple cats, check out a Double Feeder Bowl that looks like a giant smiling cat face from above, and a Double or Triple Bowl Stand.

All of our bowls can color coordinate with some of the amazing hiding places you can find in the Living Spaces area or be matched with something in the Toys & Games. Also, pick out an appropriate Cat Mat to go underneath the bowl, and find a Cat Collar to match so your cat can truly dress up for supper.

What kind of bowl is best for cats?

Most cats prefer something made out of ceramic or stainless steel bowls like the kind offered on this site. Always check bowls for scratches or chips that could hold bacteria or harm the cat's mouth.

All of our food and water bowls are recommended at about five inches high and about six inches wide holding at least two cups of water and about two inches deep.

Should cats use elevated bowls?

Some of our bowls you will note are elevated a few inches high, and that is specially built for older or ill cats who cannot bend their bodies down as much as they used to be able to because of weak muscles and joints. The elevated bowls are good for senior cats and they will thank you for them.