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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Carpets & Cat Mats

Cat Carpets & Cat Mats

  • Choco Cat Tent

  • Peekaboo Cat Bed

  • Floof Cat Blanket

  • Floof Cat Cushion

  • Beckon Cat Bed

  • Luxury Cat Bed

  • Flower Mat

  • Cat Pattern Bed


Find Your Perfect Foundation for a Cat House with a Proper Cat Mat

The right kind of cat mat or cat carpet is what you will need after you have picked the perfect Cat House and Cat Tree from our Living Spaces collection. After all, the cat carpet and the cat mat are the foundation of the house and a much-needed accessory to the litter space.

What is the best carpet for my cat?

Be aware of what the carpet or mat is made out of, and use our products as examples. Natural fibers are important for any cat carpet or cat mat, and all of our products are eco-friendly and cat safe. It is important that you notice how all of our hand-made products are created from natural linen material, high-quality eco-tex cotton rope, organic jute yarn, and other hypo-allergenic materials.

We are concerned for the safety of your cat, and the well-being of the pet owner. That is why we also offer the best cat litter cleansers and deodorants when it comes to cleaning up the mat for your cat.

What is the best cat carpet for a cat tree?

When a cat is jumping down from a Cat Hammock or a Cat House or a tall Cat Tree you want them to land on a comfortable cat carpet or mat, and preferably with a soft pillow to cushion its landing.

These cat mats and carpets are crocheted and hand-sewn to order, and they provide a good safe landing when they are trying out their jumps from their new high perches.

Whether they are shaped like stars, or flowers, seashells, or sleeping bags, or even pizzas, these cat mats are colorful additions to the kitty accessories offered in Living Spaces. Some of the carpets have pouches to add a favorite cat toy or a place to hide catnip.

The cat mat is a different experience and texture than the custom-made cat pillows or cat pads so you'll have to have a variety to keep your kitten content.