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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Jewelry

Cat Jewelry

Give Your Kitty Some Serious Elegant Bling with this Original Fancy Cat Jewelry

Your fur baby will be the Cat's Meow with some of these exceptional fancy jeweled collars offered nowhere else and specially made to order. Full of rhinestones, beads, quartz, pearls, and other sparkly beads, these glamorous cat collars will make your cat photos go viral on the internet.

People will be asking where they could get a Rose Gold Swarovski Cat Harness or a Rainbow Rhinestone Collar or a Modern Rock Cat Collar that's inspired by an actual rock band and will transform your kitty into a rockstar.

Do cats like jewelry?

You know how your cat is entranced by anything that dangles and shimmers so you know that they will love their own jewelry. It may actually keep them from tangling with your own necklaces or earrings if they have something all their own.

All of our collars, jewelry, and costumes found in our Fashion Wear collection are made safely and provide a special way to pamper your cat.

Will cats eat jewelry?

Because they're hunters and they love to chase sparkling things, cats will try to chase and chew some jewelry, but our collection is created so it is difficult to break. When your cat is wearing her own baubles she will not try to eat them as much as showing them off.

How do I stop cats from eating jewelry?

Distract your feline from its own jewelry or your own watch or necklace by playing with another clever colorful gift from the Toys & Games section like a Cat String or Wand, and Ball or Chasers. You will find it's easy to change a cat's focus with another shiny object.

We also offer Bow Ties and Cat Vests as well as leather collars and colorful bandanas. Imagine your fine gentle cat perched on his/her Cat Tree donning a stylish tie or a grand queen cat enthroned on a shelf with a crown or flowered collar.

Cats are curious and inquisitive and the shiniest object in the room will obviously get her attention first. Distract your cat if they try to chew on jewelry, and reward them when they are good with some treat or catnip which we also can ship to you.

If you ever take your cat out or host a special occasion, you will want to show her off to the world with one of these stylish cat collars. Your cat cannot be ignored when sporting any of these fine pieces designed especially for her and unique to any other site, which is why it could take some time before it arrives.

Roll out the red carpet, take out your cameras, your cat is ready for her close-up.