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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Catnip & Chewable for Cats

Catnip & Chewable for Cats

  • Meow Mouse

  • French Macaroons Catnip Toy

  • Heart Cat Fishing Rod

  • Crochet little Mouse Toy

  • Crochet Octopus Cat Wand Teaser

  • Owl Cat Toy with Catnip


We Can Be Your Main Weed Supplier for Your Feline's Catnip and Chewable Cravings

Anyone who has tried to train a cat will know the benefits of having catnip around to get the finicky feline to do what you wish it would do. But, of course, a cat has a mind all his own, and even a bit of catnip can't always persuade things to go your way.

Nevertheless, we offer a wide assortment of cat toys that have pouches or include catnip; ones that look like macaroons, or mice, or cookies, or sushi, or whales, or ice cream cones.

What does catnip do to cats?

Nothing can make your feline a contented kitty like catnip, which targets the happy receptors in her brain. She may roll over, or flip, or rub on the area with the catnip, or appear to zone out. This cat high can make her mew or purr, drool, and growl. And no, catnip has no effect on humans.

Is catnip safe for cats?

Absolutely, there is nothing in any of the ingredients in catnip that can be considered harmful. The biggest danger is if the cat eats too much of it she could get an upset stomach and may throw up.

Catnip is part of the mint family, and it intoxicates cats when they smell it, so it can be rubbed on scratching posts or mats or houses where you want the cat to go. Cats are attracted to the odor and make them appear euphoric.

The catnip we offer is 100 percent organic and comes in a variety of forms and package sizes. Grown in South Africa, the catnip contains no pesticides or herbicides and is perfectly safe, usually lasting about 10 minutes.

We also have a catnip spray that comes in 4-ounce bottles and can be pumped onto cat puzzles, boxes, perches, and other items you want to introduce to your cat for the first time.

How can I get my cat to calm down after being stimulated with catnip?

Sometimes cats may become possessive of something soaking in catnip and show some aggressive behavior like biting or hissing. First, leave the room for about 10 minutes and let the kitty calm down and soak in his catnip high, then come back and take away the toy that has the catnip in its pouch.

It's a good idea, according to cat experts, to put away toys if your cat plays with a certain one all day. Creating a lost-and-found game for our cat will make him more intrigued about it next time he finds it.