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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Collars

Cat Collars

  • Rolled Leather Cat Collar with Elastic Strap

  • Cute Cat Carrier Harness

  • Cute Harness and Leash Set

  • Female Cat Collar

  • Beautiful Leather Bow Collar and Leash Set

  • Unique Lace Collar and Leash Set


Show off Your Cat with Stylish, Colorful, and Safe Collars

A collar is an essential part of a cat's identity, and your cat could portray the dignity and grandeur that he or she deserves with an appropriate elegant collar. Look at one of ours from this exclusive Fashion Wear collection for some of the most elegant selections anywhere online.

Should my indoor house cat wear a collar?

Even if your kitty is microchipped, it's not a fail-safe method to locate your cat. A collar is an immediate way for anyone to identify that your kitty is not a stray and has a home to get back to quickly.

What do cats think of collars?

Even the most persnickety cat can get used to comfortable collars and eventually feel that the collar is a part of her. It has her smell and she feels a complete connection to the collar. Make sure that the cat collar is perfectly comfortable for the feline, and that it isn't too tight. All our collars are adjustable and are tested for maximum comfort and safety.

What if my cat doesn't like to wear a collar?

Some cats may try to resist a collar, but with some simple coaxing, they will stop trying to pull them off. Do not force them to wear one, but try enticing them with the collars that sparkle and shine, to make your cat realize this will be a permanent part of her wardrobe.

Some of our cat collars have lace, gold, crystals, and rhinestones, which may encourage a feline to enjoy putting it on along with a costume and some jewelry. Of course, the ultimate draw would be to include a treat or catnip as an incentive.

Are cat collars safe?

Recent studies show that cat collars are safe and that most veterinarians note how important a cat collar is for identification with cat owners. All of our collars are breakaway safety collars and have an extra ring to attach an identification tag.

Experts note that the chances are more likely that even your house kitty can get lost before it will suffer any injury due to a cat collar. People may have heard about certain dangers for active cats, but certain collars like the ones we offer have break-away styles and present little danger for cats that may play in their own private cat house or cat tree all found in our Living Spaces.

What do I look for in a cat collar?

Be picky about picking your cat collar. If your cat is attracted to shiny, colorful, sparkling things, she will love the rhinestones and jewels featured on our one-of-a-kind designs, and certainly, she will coo over the Cat Collar Flower and bow tie selections. Ensure proper fitting, so that there are at least two fingers of space between the neck and the collar, but don't make it too loose for it to fall off easily, as your cat goes exploring.