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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Fashion Accessories

Cat Fashion Accessories

  • Rolled Leather Cat Collar with Elastic Strap

  • Cute Cat Carrier Harness

  • Cute Harness and Leash Set

  • Female Cat Collar

  • Beautiful Leather Bow Collar and Leash Set

  • Unique Lace Collar and Leash Set


Cat Hats, Bow Ties and Even Sunglasses — You Won't Find these Cat Accessories Anywhere Else

If you want your cat to truly stand out — among your friends, among other cats, or all over the internet — you'll want to snap some shots with him wearing these exceptional cat accessories that are rare finds anywhere.

In our exclusive Fashion Wear collection. we offer rarities like polka-dotted bowties with bells, handmade cat hats with pom-poms, sunglasses with a punk rock style, and much more.

When lounging around inside his cat house, or swinging on his hammock, or perched high up on his cat shelf or cat tree your cat is going to want to show off some of these high-end special features.

Will my cat wear a bow tie?

Cats will like all sorts of accessories as long as it doesn't hamper him playing, jumping, or scouting around the house. A tie that's too big will make him look like a clown, a tie that's too small may not even be noticeable. Yet, a cat collar with a bow tie is a creative way for the cat to play dress up, and play like he always does around the house.

Pick colors that go well with your cat's coloring and coat. Make him stand out. The baubles and bangles on the accessories will keep him intrigued and curious. Ones that have bells will allow you to find him when he is stalking you from a shelf or hiding inside his cat house ready to pounce.

How easy it is to put a cat hat or cat bowtie on my cat? The accessories we offer in the Fashion Wear collection have elastic bands that easily hold back the ears and the hats. All the hats and caps and wigs we create are equipped with a place for the ears to stick out easily. Sometimes these specially handmade items take 5 to 7 weeks to create because each one of these items is special orders to be crocheted or knitted just for your kitten.

Veterinarians say that clothing can be appropriate for cats if it's not forced on them and the cats seem happy to wear the items. Purring is a good sign.

Can cats wear sunglasses?

Yes, and they will enjoy them and get used to them. Like humans, cats can develop eye illnesses directly connected to ultra-violet exposure, so their eyes need protection. A good polarized set of sunglasses can reduce the glare outside and make the bright sun more comfortable for your cat.

We care about how your cat looks, and how safe he is in our accouterments. Our cat accessories have break-away clasps or velcro straps for easy fits, and simple escapes when your cat has decided he has had enough.

Look out, these accessories, along with a cat collar and cat costume will put your kitty in the spotlight, and shine for all the purr-parazzi!