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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
  • Rolled Leather Cat Collar with Elastic Strap

  • Cute Cat Carrier Harness

  • Cute Harness and Leash Set

  • Female Cat Collar

  • Beautiful Leather Bow Collar and Leash Set


Stay in Style with These Cat Costumes, Jewelry, Collars, and More in our Fashion Wear

Are you ready to have the fanciest cat around? We're not talking about making your kitty an internet sensation — although that could possibly happen — we're talking about making your cat even cuter, and even more photogenic than you know your feline already is, right?

Take, for example, the Cat Costume collection that not only offers some comfortable cute cat costumes, but also some exotic Fashion Wear accessories that will be the envy of the other neighborhood cats (or at least their owners).

Add to the costumes some incredible bling from the feline version of the Royal Crown Jewels in our Jewelry collection. It includes studded collars, flashy bowties, and stylish vests.

The Cat Collars can also mix and match with the jewelry and costumes, but while the whole ensemble may be for only special occasions, these cat collars may be worn all the time and every day. So, they are comfortable and safe for every cat.

What if my cat doesn't like to wear a collar, or jewelry, or a costume?

Some cats don't like to wear some of these extra items because mainly they are not used to them. Think about it, many cats have a lot of furs, and adding the fluff with a lot of extra stuff is only burdensome to them. But, some cats love to be covered in all sorts of sparkly items and will love the attention they get when wearing all of them.

Don't force your cat to do anything he or she doesn't want to do. You may just have to do some convincing.

Are there tricks to get my cat to wear a cat collar or costume?

Yes, cats can be coaxed. One of the ways is to introduce the cat to the costume or collar slowly and let them sniff and observe it. You may want to spray or rub some of our special catnip products on it or offer them a chewable treat when they approach it. Let them play with it.

Then, while always enticing them with petting or a treat, slowly try putting on the costume, or jewelry, or collar, or even sunglasses. Eventually, you can get them used to wear it all the time.