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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Furniture for Cat Parents

Furniture for Cat Parents

Creative Mirrors, Tables, and Other Furniture Can Now Reflect Your Cat Fancy

Don't be alone in having fancy furnishings, especially when you found your cat the best of our one-of-a-kind cat bowls, clever cat houses, entertaining cat wheels, and more from our Living Spaces area. You deserve some pampering as well.

Now, get your own cat-friendly furniture that reflects your feline fascination, but in a subtle, creative way, not from mass-produced cat collectibles that everybody else owns.

Where can I find cat collectibles that no one else has?

It's all right here! Our products in the For Cat Parents section are picked specifically so that your friends will "ooh and ahh" over how different it is and inspire them to ask how you found such a treasure for your furnishings. They also all make perfect gifts for that special cat-loving friend.

Every one of these creative pieces of furniture is made to order especially for you and your cat. They may take a few weeks to construct and ship over to you, but all are safe, durable, and made with eco-friendly materials.
A few of our items are designed to fit into small spaces, and others can be centerpieces to the room where you may also feature a Cat Hammock or Cat Shelf.

Check out our series of splendid wall mirrors in the shape of cats, or with a cat motif. Look for the one with the moon and a cat, or one cut into the shape of a big cat face, one that's shaped like a giant paw print, and a few in the shape of scared black cats. For the bathroom or as a decorative piece in the living room or for the hallway near the front door, you will definitely find a place for one of these very cool cat mirrors.

The round cat coffee tables are colorful and made out of strong and luxurious birch wood. All of them are artistic designs with giant cat paws or a cat with a scarf for a great conversation piece in your house.

Also, take note of the hidden litter boxes that are also pieces of furniture. Cleverly constructed, they can double as a nightstand, a cabinet, or a storage unit. The litter box is easily accessible and the cat can hop inside and do his business without anyone ever noticing. To add to the fancy cabinet and litter box, look for some deodorants and cleaners as well as cleaning accessories in the Litter Space section.