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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Hummocks

Cat Hammocks

  • Window Hammock for Cats

  • Cat Hammock with Bridge

  • Wooden Cat Hammock

  • Wooden Cat Hammock

  • Cat Shelf with Bridge

  • Planter Lounge

  • Roman Fort Wall-Mounted Furniture

  • Black & White Hanging Cat Bed


Your Cats Will Love Hanging Around in These Snuggly Hammocks

Cats like to observe humans as much as we like to watch and play with our cats. What better place for a cat to relax than from a stylish cat hammock where he can watch the world below?

Whether it's a bed, a bridge, a planter, or macrame art, we offer a wide variety of one-of-a-kind cat hammocks that can be found in our Living Spaces section. These made-to-order hammocks can enhance and supplement your kitty's own private cat house or cat condo that she has already called home.

Is a cat hammock good for my cat?

Cats, like humans, love to lounge around and a hammock provides a secure and safe place for a cat. It promotes healthy sleep for your feline, and like any loose and free-hanging hammock, it allows the cat to situate herself into any natural and comfortable position. You know how a cat can bend and contort into all sorts of positions, and in a hammock, that's the best way for her to get as comfy as possible, especially with the addition of a cat pillow made just for her.

From her perch, your kitty can swing and observe you as you're sitting on your sofa below, and rock slowly to sleep to the ticking of a Cat Clock while still being the center of attention.

Will my cat like a cat hammock?

Of course! A cat in a hammock will find herself conforming to a natural position in the bendable swing, and feel secure inside the wrappings of the hammock.

If she is a little skittish about getting into the hammock, try encouraging her to get in by waving some cat strings or cat wands. Or, for a tentative kitten, add some more comfort to the perch with a custom-made cat pillow or cat pad to make sure that this is a place the cat can call home.

For even more added pleasure, throw in a chewable or some irresistible catnip and your kitty may never want to leave its hammock.

Will a cat hammock take up too much space?

The cat hammocks designed for this site are made-to-order and each one is created so that they can manage the most minimal amount of space in any apartment or house. Whether you have plenty of space for the cat to frolic, or if you have limited space in a cramped apartment, these hammocks can be placed in their own area and not infringe too much on your own space, while providing personal space for your kitty.

Some of the creative designs we offer include a cat shelf with a bridge that can be mounted upon a wall and it will take up no more space than a bookshelf or a poster.

These hammocks as well as the Cat Towers & Cat Trees that we also offer are ideal for multiple-cat households, too. Each cat will snuggle into its own space and define its own perch without having to fight for it. To make it extra special, look for their own Cat Blankets & Cat Covers or have their own Carpets & Mats for the most ultimate comfort in their new hammock.

A cat hammock is a perfect solution for a kitty who doesn't like to sleep on the floor, and would rather have her own space instead of sharing a pillow, a lap, or sofa with you.