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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Houses & Cat Condos

Cat Houses & Cat Condos

  • Choco Cat Tent

  • Peekaboo Cat Bed

  • Floof Cat Blanket

  • Floof Cat Cushion

  • Beckon Cat Bed

  • Kip Cat Cushion

  • Stellar Cat Bed

  • Puff Cat Bed

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    Friends Cardboard Cat House

    Original price $175.00
    Current price $140.00
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    Simpsons Cardboard Cat House

    Original price $195.00
    Current price $167.00
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    Soccer White Cardboard Cat House

    Original price $135.00
    Current price $99.00
  • Window Hammock for Cats

  • Cat Cave Bed

  • Cat Litter Box Cabinet

  • Cat Litter Cover Box

  • Wide Cupboard Style Litter Furniture

  • Tabletop Swing Doors Litter Furniture

  • Double Litter Box Cabinet

  • Modern Litter Box Cabinet

  • Cat Litter Box

  • Cat Litter Box Furniture

  • Cat Coliseum Tree


Unique and Stylish Hideaways Where Cats Can Sleep, Stalk and Play

Your feline friend needs a special place to hide away in a home all her own. That way, your cat will become more social and not hide under the bed or in a dark closet.

In Living Spaces, we offer one-of-a-kind cat houses and cat condos for them to escape to and play around in all for themselves. These comfy cave-like hideouts are shaped in a variety of remarkable and fun styles. They are created to look like sleeping bags, or carved pumpkins, or big fish, or baby cradles, or giant shoes, or tree houses.

These cleverly designed kitty condos can become permanent pieces of your household decor and blend in with your favorite cat knick-knacks. Furniture that features cat houses can double as a side table for the living room or a nightstand for the bedroom, and we offer stylish litter boxes and an outdoor weatherproof house.

Will my cat go into a cat house?

Yes they will, and they will love it, and so will visitors to your house. What conversation starters these custom-made pieces can be when your friends see how wonderfully your pet takes to these cozy homes.

Each cat house can be set up right next to a colorful never-seen-before Cat Bowl & Cat Feeder. Or maybe nearby the cat condo there is a very creative Cat Litter Box that's sitting just outside the door of their new house.

Are cat houses comfortable for my cat?

Most of the pieces offered on our site have plush and safe linings for the kitty to snuggle with inside. And, all of the houses can be accessorized with personal and matching Cat Pillows & Cat Pads or include some of the fluffy and cute Cat Blankets & Cat Covers to make it the purr-fect home.

How will a cat house fit into my living room?

Some of these stylish lounge areas for your kitties are designed also to be functional pieces of furniture in your home: like a nightstand or a side table, that may go along with your existing decor or your own cat collectibles.

A few of the cat houses and cat condos have extraordinary shapes and colors in order to stand out, or they may blend into almost any style you may have in your house already. The cat houses vary in size, so they may not be a focal point of your living room, but some people make these unique cat houses a centerpiece to their living space. The cat house will allow for some hiding, sleeping, and stalking for your cat while she is still always nearby you and the family.

Of course, each of these pieces is built individually for each order, and so your kitty will have to be patient while this is being made just for her. Perhaps the cat can remain occupied with some of the distracting and entertaining Cat Toys & Games for Cats that you won't find anywhere else.

For a more fulfilling home, the cat houses can also be easily moved next to one of the elaborate and challenging Cat Towers & Cat Trees that also are featured in our Living Spaces section. What's a house without a tree standing just outside?

Of course, there's no place like home, but these exclusive cat houses can definitely make it a lot more fun for your feline.