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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive Cat Toys

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Find Something Intriguing Here for Your Kitty to Interact with So He Won't Get Bored

You won't find anything like this anywhere else: interactive and electronic cat toys that wiggle, blink, buzz, and move so your cat can't resist playing with any of them. All the made-to-order products we offer in our Toys & Games section are made out of eco-friendly materials, wool, wood, feathers, cardboard, and other materials your cat will want to explore.

These interactive puzzles can keep your kitten intrigued and entertained even when you're away. Of course, it's more important that you learn how to bond with your cat too, and that you play along when you can.

Do cats get bored?

Yes, they do, unfortunately, and that can lead to depression and behavioral problems. You want to keep your cat's mind and body stimulated, and these handmade, colorful, and very cool items will be a challenge for every feline. All of our games and toys are inspired to not only be clever hunting-like challenges but also provide a bit of exercise.

Does my cat need exercise?

The animal experts suggest that cats need at least 15 minutes of exercise a day to avoid getting too fat and becoming depressed. Yes, cats get depressed, and you will see how easily a little exercise will change a moody kitty when playing with one of these puzzles, scratchers, tunnels, or wheels.

Each one of these well-designed conversation pieces is built with your cat in mind, and they are easy to fold up and stow away when the cat is done playing. Remember that it will take a few weeks for these to be built just for you, and your cat.

What if I can't get my cat to play with a puzzle or cat scratching post?

Providing some incentive with some cat treats and catnip can entice a cat to test out a new toy or play with a pretty puzzle. Studies show that when a cat finds a place to play or scratch, the kitty will be less likely to scratch and destroy furniture and pillows that you want to keep and be less likely to hide or cower under the bed. Give a cat a place to call his own, whether it be a house, perch, hammocktunnel, or any of our toys.

Some of our interactive toys sound like frogs, or crickets, or birds, and are made from rosewood, or ebony, or teak, so we obviously offer an incredible variety that will satisfy the needs of even the most persnickety kitty. Remember, cats love to play and hide, and they cannot resist exploring and poking around whether it's a tunnel or a puzzle. It's like a treat for a cat, and it serves as a place for them to be able to indulge in their instinctual natural behavior and perfect their predatory pouncing and playing techniques.