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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
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  • Double Litter Box Cabinet

  • Tabletop Swing Doors Litter Furniture

  • Wide Cupboard Style Litter Furniture

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  • Cat Litter Box Cabinet

  • Cat Litter Box

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  • Stylish Litter Box for Cat

  • Cat Privacy Compartment with Paw Scratcher

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  • Top Entry Litter Box

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  • Cat Litter Box Double-Door

  • Cat Litter Box Cabinet


Little Boxes Can Be the Pride of Your Kitty With These Choices

It may seem like an unpleasant topic, but your cat's litter box is a serious necessity that has to be just right to keep your cat happy. As important as a pillow, or a house, or even some catnip your cat is going to want to have a good clean, and comfortable place to go to the bathroom.

You've probably never seen some of the unusual pieces offer among our Litter Boxes and you can see how they can become a part of your furniture rather than an unpleasant place that's hidden away in a dark corner of the house.

How many litter boxes do I need for my cat?

As a general rule, one cat per litter box is sufficient, but if you have a two-story house, it's a good idea to have a litter box upstairs and downstairs. And, if you have multiple cats, you may need one for each cat and put them right next to each other. Think of it as a bathroom with multiple stalls. You wouldn't want to share a stall, and neither does your cat.

The litter boxes in our collection can easily double as nightstands for the bedroom, side tables for the living room, or a cabinet for the bathroom, and they will fit into any style of house decor.

Is there an easy way to get rid of cat smells?

The ammonia smell of cat urine isn't the easiest thing to hide in your house, and some cats simply like to spray around their scent in the house. But, you don't want something that just masks the cat's smell, you want something that has an odor-eating deodorant like some of our products in the cleaners and deodorants section of our site.

There is a wide assortment of nicely scented candles, bags, and sprays with natural and non-toxic materials that MyDearKitty highly recommends. You will be able to sniff out all sorts of great choices.
Among the other cleaning accessories offered, are stylish scoopers made of rosewood and eco-friendly sprays for your cat's litter box area.

If your cat needs them, we have comfortable fitting cat diapers, specially made for older cats with incontinence problems. Your cat will be thankful that you have allowed him a little dignity.