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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
  • Choco Cat Tent

  • Peekaboo Cat Bed

  • Floof Cat Blanket

  • Floof Cat Cushion

  • Beckon Cat Bed

  • Kip Cat Cushion

  • Stellar Cat Bed

  • Puff Cat Bed

  • Window Hammock for Cats

  • Cat Cave Bed

  • Cat Litter Box Furniture

  • Pink & Gray Cat Blanket

  • Cat Sherpa Blanket

  • Soft Cat Resting Place

  • Cat Coliseum Tree

  • Fish Bed for Kitty

  • Pumpkin Cat Bed

  • Shoe Shaped Cat Bed

  • Cat Sleeping Bag

  • Cat Hammock with Bridge

  • Wooden Cat Hammock

  • Luxury Cat Bed


Find the Purr-fect Perch For Your Cat to Observe the World

Your cat loves to observe the world and look out at all his domain, so it's most important for you to find the absolute best cat house to keep him comfortable. Some very creative ideas you've probably never thought about are right here on this site.

In the Living Spaces collection you can find things for your cat to hide in, lay on, stretch out over, perch on, jump to, climb up, and prove that he is the king of all his domain.

How do I figure out what is the best cat house for my cat?

First, figure out what your cat likes to do the most. Is he an observer who likes to look down on things below? Is she a lounger, who likes to stretch and sleep a lot? Does he prefer jumping and scratching and being sociable? Or, is she shy and hides a lot and peeks out to watch what's going on?

Find out the personality of your kitty, and you will find the perfect home in the MyDearKitty items here.

For example, if your cat likes to sleep around and stretch her body out, a Cat Hammock is going to be a great asset to hang up in a cool, quiet place. If he likes to look out at the world below, you will want a wall shelf or perch to put up near your bookshelves so he doesn't end up knocking everything off your shelves.

If she is a cat who likes to hide, you're going to want to get her a pillow or pad that she can snuggle into or a blanket and cover to burrow under.

The crazy and artistic cat houses on our site allow all kinds of cats. Some of the cat houses are cave-like hideaways like a pumpkin or a giant fish. Some of them are more open like a treehouse or a baby cradle.

For the truly adventurous cat, a Cat Tree or Cat Tower is the best bet. Some elaborate designs are on our pages, that allow a cat to find a space that's comfortable and allows a bird's-eye view of the room around him. Or, some of the towers and trees allow for spaces to have multiple cats perch and observe and play together. It's the only way sometimes to keep some semblance of harmony among multiple cats in the same house.

To accessorize the cat's house or tower or tree, you'll need a welcome mat or carpet for them to be completely comfortable at home. Some of the products we offer on these pages are nice to scratch on, too.

You may even find that your cat won't be satisfied unless he has one of each, or she is comfortable with multiple places to sleep. Only you know your kitty best.