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Unique, Luxury, Handmade
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Pillows & Cat Pads

Cat Pillows & Cat Pads

  • Choco Cat Tent

  • Peekaboo Cat Bed

  • Floof Cat Blanket

  • Floof Cat Cushion

  • Beckon Cat Bed

  • Kip Cat Cushion

  • Stellar Cat Bed

  • Puff Cat Bed

  • Cat Cave Bed

  • Shoe Shaped Cat Bed

  • Cat Sleeping Bag

  • Banana Cat Bed

  • Soft Cat Resting Place

  • Fish Bed for Kitty

  • Pumpkin Cat Bed

  • Luxury Cat Bed

  • "Handy" Cat Pillow


Give Your Kitty a Comfy Place to Snuggle in a Purr-fect Pillow

Your kitty will sleep wherever she wants to, so it's probably best to find a desirable place to call all her own, and you can find many good examples in our Living Spaces.

We offer some of the best napping spots, some of them cleverly crafted to include buckwheat or catnip incorporated inside the pillows. Some of them are shaped like giant hands, or giant fish, or an egg, or a pumpkin. One luxury cat bed is fit for a five-star hotel.

And, in case anyone dares try to take it, we have one pillow made from natural linen that declares in no uncertain terms: "Reserved for The Cat" and you can throw that down on any sofa.

Why does my cat sleep on my pillow?

Your can will sleep on your own pillow, and you know what it's like turning over in the morning and finding him cuddled up next to your head, sometimes batting your nose, or swatting his tail in your face. Cats want to find a place that offers trust, protection, warmth, and love, and it's your job to locate the kind of Cat House that provides it.

Your cat wants to share your pillow until he knows that he is confident to have a place all his own. Cats like to be higher up, so you can put a Cat Hammock or a Cat Tree or Cat Tower near your bed with a Cat Blanket inside.

Cats nuzzle next to our heads to show their love and will purr to show that they are happy, but they will leave you alone and go sleep on their own if they know they have a cozy place to plop into that is all their own.

How do I get my cat to use his cat bed?

A persnickety kitty may turn his nose up at first at having his own bed, but if you get the right pillow or mat where he can knead his paws or roll around, then he will end up loving it.

Sometimes they like to be covered up, so we offer cat hideaways like a cradle or a wicker basket that allows the cat to poke its head out and look around while remaining hidden, or stretch out on a pillow all its own.

Notice if your cat is a stretcher or a curler. Does he like to stretch the full length of the bed, or curl up in a ball while sleeping. That can make a difference as to which bed pillow you pick. We offer round pillows or long pillows, all stuffed with soft fluff.

Sprinkling some catnip or treats or adding a favorite toy next to his new pillow will assure the cat that this is now his new place to lounge, and maybe he will finally let you rest on your own pillow in peace.