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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Scratchers & Cat Boxes

Cat Scratchers & Cat Boxes

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    Friends Cardboard Cat House

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    Simpsons Cardboard Cat House

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    Soccer White Cardboard Cat House

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Save Your Furniture, But Let Your Lion King Rule the Roost With These Scratchers and Boxes

You know that your cat thinks that he rules everything she sees from her perch and that is why there is little consideration for where she decides to polish her paws, and it's usually on your fine furniture.

We have the perfect solutions. In our Toys & Games section, we have the most unique boxes and cat scratchers that you have ever seen. We have cat scratching posts that have perches, or look like little elephants, or have a sisal pole. We have boxes that look like cathedrals, the White House, Transformers, Star Wars stormtroopers, or even a palace. So whether you want your cat to sit on a perch like the Lion King, or on the Iron Throne like in The Game of Thrones, there's a scratching post and box to suit your kitty's itch.

Why do cats scratch?

A cat will scratch for a variety of reasons, but mainly to remove the dead outer layer sheaths of its claws. Scratching also gives a cat a sense of territory and identity, so it will do the same to her Cat House and Cat Tree as well.

Cats need to leave a visual mark and they also leave a scent with their glands on their paws. They also need to stretch their bodies and flex their paws as they will on their wall shelf. Cats will scratch repeatedly in the same place, so it's a good thing to have somewhere to do it rather than your sofa.

Do cats actually use scratching posts?

Scratching is normal behavior, and it's tough to discourage this instinct, so instead offer an acceptable object like a box or post. All of our products offer a textured, nubby and coarse surface that they are attracted to and will sink their claws into for a satisfying scratch after a short nap. We even offer vertical inclines for those cats who like to stand up and stretch or stick their bottoms up while getting a good scratch.

When a cat finds a great place to mark that won't get her in trouble, she will return to it over and over.

What materials do cats like to scratch?

Many of our scratching posts include a variety of surfaces that cats find enticing, like a sisal robe, fabric, cardboard, and wood. Some cats prefer one type over another or change the kinds of scratching surfaces they like most. Cats, after all, can be finicky.

Do cats like puzzles?

Yes, some cats are much smarter than they look, and the curiosity in every cat will get them to explore all sorts of contraptions, including puzzles. We have made-to-order puzzles made out of eco-friendly materials and your cat will play with it by scooting little balls inside of them, much like a child's toy. Throwing in a bit of catnip or cat treats will entice the cat to try it out if they are intimidated by the puzzle box at first.