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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Strings & Cat Wands

Cat Strings & Cat Wands

  • Eco-friendly Cat Teaser Wand

  • Cat Teaser Wand With Fringes

  • Ultimate Scratcher

  • Heart Cat Fishing Rod


Encourage an Active Cat by Playing With These Unique Strings and Wands

If you truly want to bond with your cat you will play with him, and one of the most interactive ways to do that is with an enticing wand or some string. This Toys & Games section offers some of the most fascinating cat toys designed to catch your cat's attention.

We offer Cat Strings with bells or hearts and filled with catnip. We have mini fishing poles with tiny string fish attached, and wands with a squid created out of eco-friendly material.

Is there a cat toy that won't hurt or scratch my hands?

Yes, using a wand will keep your cat safe, but it will also protect your own hand from being bitten or scratched, which you know will happen, especially playing with a kitten. Wands will keep your hands at a distance and the ones we make are collapsable to easily store away when the cat doesn't want to play.

Why do cats like to play with wands?

The wands we make with colorful handmade attachments can actually recreate the bugs and flying creatures the cat will find outdoors.

With some of our wands, we incorporate a buzzer that gently mimics the sound of insects, so the cat will actually think he's outside in the woods fighting beasts to protect you.

Are cat toys safe for my cat?

Our toys are all safe and made from eco-friendly materials. These toys offer valuable exercise time between the cat and the human as you cast out a fishing line and let the cat try to capture the fish, or bug, or tassel and let him play the hunter that he has inborn inside him.

Why do cats like to play with string?

Felines have a visual system that is attuned to any kind of movement. A cat's eye is keyed into anything that blinks or moves or twists in front of it.

Turning a shiny string into a squirmy creature will bring out all of his feline instincts to make your cat want to hunt, pounce, prey, and play. We have heart-shaped lures at the end of a pole, and handmade creations that look like an octopus, cuttlefish, squid, and more.

Is playing with string bad for cats?

Some cat lovers are concerned about their pets getting tangled up or choking on a string. The reality is that cats will always be drawn to play with yarn, string, ribbon, rubber bands, and more, but that is why it's most important to keep an eye out for what your cat is playing with and how much he is ripping up. Our products are all handmade with the safest eco-friendly material that will not cause a safety hazard and are tough to destroy.

Studies show that kittens are more healthy when getting physical exercise and mental stimulation, and playing with them will create a special bond between you and the kitty. Anything that captivates a cat's attention, gets the cat active, and creates curiosity is a surefire pick for the cat's favorite toy.