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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Towers & Cat Trees

Cat Towers & Cat Trees

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To Climb, To Scratch, To Play, these Cat Towers Offer Hours of Fun

Anyone who has observed a cat for any length of time knows that they love to climb, and they love to scratch. And, why have them scratch on your furniture when Living Spaces provides not only great Cat Houses but also one-of-a-kind Cat Trees and Cat Towers.

Cats who live outside will straddle fences and climb trees to observe what's going around them from a lofty perch. Those same instincts are inbred in your indoor kitty; the instincts to target prey or get away from predators. And, those inbred instincts can be satisfied by playing on their very own tree or tower.

Is a cat tree necessary?

Yes, absolutely, a cat tower gives a cat a sense of safety, security, and privacy while looking over his personal kingdom. Even shy felines will feel more confident when they climb high on a perch and can easily see what's going on around them. Placing the tower near a window or in the center of a busy place that you occupy will give your cat a bird's-eye view of the world. And they will love watching the birds outside the window, too.

Will my cat use a cat tree?

Yes, if your cat is used to hiding in closets or under the bed, giving him a tree or lounge on or to hide in will be his new place to nap, relax and play.

Your cat will love being the center of attention if the tree or tower is in the family room where people are often gathered, dining together, or watching TV. If you have more than one cat, they can each have their own hideaways and find their shelf that they feel comfortable on without having to fight over their own personal spot.

How can I teach my cat to go on her cat tower?

If you have purchased our specially-designed Magic Castle, or Cat Cactus, or Mushroom Tree, or Activity House, it may seem like a daunting challenge for your kitty to go into it at first. There are ways to make your cat feel more comfortable climbing on this new place or making him feel like it's his own.

First, place the tree near an activity center of your home, or where his cat's house or pillows are also located.

Second, put one of his favorite toys or balls upon one of the perches, or hide them inside one of the cubbyholes in the cat tree. Use one of the wands to entice him up the tree and then allow him to find a treat at the top of his perch.

Finally, if nothing else works, add some catnip to the top of the tree or tower and allow that to entice your cat to explore the area and give him the sense of accomplishment at hunting out his treasure. When the smell becomes familiar, and he knows this is a place he can safely scratch and occupy, he will feel confidant enough to snuggle and play there — and you may never get him down.

Cat towers and cat trees will satisfy your cat's natural instincts to climb, and it's the kind of tree that you won't have to call the fire department to rescue your cat out of.