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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
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    Friends Cardboard Cat House

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    Simpsons Cardboard Cat House

    Original price $195.00
    Current price $167.00
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    Soccer White Cardboard Cat House

    Original price $135.00
    Current price $99.00
  • Eco-friendly Cat Teaser Wand

  • Cat Teaser Wand With Fringes

  • Cat Scratching Post

  • Meow Mouse

  • French Macaroons Catnip Toy

  • Interactive Cat Toy

  • Ultimate Scratcher

  • Heart Cat Fishing Rod

  • Crochet Jellyfish Toy

  • Stuffed Cute Cat Toy

  • Crochet little Mouse Toy


Keep You and Your Kitty Entertained with these Cat Toys and Games

Keeping your cat entertained can be a full-time job. It may be up to you to see what games and toys your cat likes the most.

Does he like to hunt? Does she like to observe from above? Does he like to swat at things? Does she like to scratch?

Any of these specific preferences could lead to a specific play toy.

We have some of the most interesting interactive toys for cats that will keep your kitty busy. There are also puzzles, mazes, and other games to intrigue your cat.

Maybe a simple ball or cat chaser is enough for your cat to have fun. But a real stalker of a cat will want to hunt down some string or follow a wand and conquer it like a hunter.

For even more exercise where they can entertain themselves all on their own, the cats may enjoy sneaking through a tunnel or running on a wheel. Some of our elaborate designs for tunnels and wheels are actually like pieces of furniture that can be incorporated into your living room decor. Some of them will be places they can sleep and hide from you when they need to be on their own.

What is the best cat toy?

Check out what your cat likes to do, and then figure out the best toy for your cat, Is it chasing, or fetching, or hunting, or hiding?

A tunnel is good for a hider, and then the kitty will poke her head out and pounce. A wheel is good for a self-motivated feline who takes his one initiative.

A ball is good for a cat who likes to roll around and catch things. A wand is good for a swatter who likes to bat at shiny objects.

And then, there are the cats who simply like to scratch, and that may be all cats. The scratchers and cat boxes on our list are whimsical and fun. Your cat could be president, in his very own White House, or a queen in her own palace.

Do cats get bored?

Yes, cats can get very bored, and so they have to be stimulated, both physically and mentally. You don't want to develop a lazy or fat cat, because that could shorten his life.

So play around with some of these toys, and try a few different ones for variety and your cat won't be disappointed.

What if my cat doesn't play with the cat toys?

Having a bit of catnip, or some enticing chewable treats can attract a cat toward a toy or game. Spraying the catnip spray that we offer could make a kitty swat at a ball that gets pushed through one of the handmade puzzles that we offer.

Your kitty is sure to find something to enjoy in this section.