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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Tunnels & Cat Wheels

Cat Tunnels & Cat Wheels

  • Collapsible Removeable Cat Tunnel

  • Cat Interactive Collapsible Tunnels


Keep Your Kitty Fit with Wheels and Tunnels To Tap Into All of Their Natural Instincts

Cats are hunters, and what better way to tap into their natural instincts than to let them scamper through a tunnel or play on a wheel? This endless playground of fun will not only satisfy their inborn instinct to stalk prey, but it could help shave off a few of those pounds that they may have put on. Also, for you, it can be more fun than watching TV!

To develop their predatory nature and encourage hiding, stalking, and safe jumps, you must have to have a great shelf or tree perch for your cat all found in our Living Spaces collection. But, as an important annex to those items, you need to connect the trees and houses and hammocks with a Cat Tunnel to keep him active and interested.

Why do cats like running through tunnels?

Cats will play in tunnels to satisfy their curiosity and see what's in there. So, give them something to look for like their favorite toy or catnip. Look through our Toys & Games section and find some toy or puzzle that will stimulate your cat and then you can hide it in the tunnel as a treasure for him to find.

A tunnel is a place for your cat to sleep and relax as well because there are warm and soft spaces built inside and a few holes to pop their heads out to look around. And, we have provided easy places for him to escape out of it quickly if he gets spooked.

Will my can use a cat tunnel or cat wheel?

Even shy cats will want to go in and explore through a new hole or amuse themselves by walking on a wheel that's similar to a hamster wheel. It also encourages much-needed exercise for a lazy house cat, and builds muscle tone, and increases blood circulation.

You have seen how cats like to squeeze through some tight places, so why not find them a safe space to do that with one of these wheels or tunnels that you won't find anywhere else. These specially designed and elaborate tunnels and wheels will help your cat release aggression and relieve stress and boredom. If you encourage your cat onto the wheel with a wand or some catnip, you will also develop a bond with your cat as you play. It's also a lot of fun to watch.

How do I get my cat on a cat wheel?

If your cat is shy or easily frightened, they may prefer a cat tunnel, but cats are easily trained and motivated by treats. Put them on the wheel and let them see how it moves.

You may want to lure the timid cat up the wheel with a favorite toy or ball and when the wheel moves slightly, give them a treat for good behavior and let them continue to explore on their own. As skittish as the kitty may be at first, they could develop a comfort level and it may soon become their favorite place to play.