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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Cat Shelf & Wall-mount Cat Shelves

Cat Shelf & Wall-mount Cat Shelves

  • Window Hammock for Cats

  • Deluxe Wall Mounted Double Resting Box

  • The Temple Cat Furniture

  • Cozy Kitty Shelf

  • Cat Hammock with Bridge

  • Set of Two Curvy Shelves & Paw Scratcher

  • Cat Shelf with Snack Tray

  • Cat Paw Step

  • Cat Shelf with Bridge

  • Planter Lounge

  • Roman Fort Wall-Mounted Furniture

  • Cat Tree - Deluxe Sisal Pole


Find a Good Perch for Your Cat to Keep Him Happy

Cats are curious predators and they will find a place high up somewhere to look down on the world below. But why worry about your kitty knocking knick-knacks or cat collectibles off your bookshelf, or sitting too precariously on the window sill when you can find a perfect solution for your cat's climbing and scratching needs right here in the Living Spaces collection.

All of these wall shelves are specifically designed to be safe, and provide decorative additions to your house. They will serve as cute wall spaces for your cat to climb up.

Do cats like perches?

Oh yes, both indoor and outdoor cats love the sunlight and watching birds, squirrels, and swaying trees outside. A perch gives them a place to feel they are masters of their domain and everything around them

Many of the shelf and wall mounts we offer are great enhancements to the Cat Towers and Cat Hammocks and they also can sit next to the Cat Tunnels for more fun. For example, the Sisal Pole and shelves are great scratching posts that have rotating leaf shelves to create different pathways and escape hatches as well as a bridge for one or more cats.

Where do you put a cat's shelf?

Pick a place in your home where the cat spends the most time. It's not a good idea to try to entice the cat to go into an area where he never goes, because that's not an area he will find interesting, and perhaps not want to find a perch there.

A cat shelf can go around or in between a bookshelf, and your cat can stay in his own territory if he knows that it's all his domain. The shelf could be near a window or across from the dining table so he will always feel like he's part of what's going on with the rest of the family.

Cats will want to observe a lot of activity, so you want to put the wall shelves where the cat will see you and your guests.

How high can a cat jump?

The average housecoat can jump five feet rather easily without a running start. That's seven times the cat's own height.

So, one of the homey designs for your wall can start rather high, or be supplements to a Cat House that's already in the room. We have shelves that look like big cat paws, or ones with bridges, or ones that hold plants. All of them are made out of sturdy materials, such as pinewood, and conform to the curved body of your feline.

Watching your cat look contentedly from his special spot on his own shelf will show you how happy he is to rule the roost and everything he sees below.