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Unique, Luxury, Handmade
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique

Playful Cat Bundle

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  • A stable and quiet wheel
  • Includes three multiple colored balls
  • Keep your kitty skinny and playful
  • Make your cat play with you or its toys
  • The game challenges your cat's hunting instinct through a series of actions that the cat performs
  • Handmade
Do you have a particularly playful cat? We’ve got the answers to keep her stimulated. We have gathered up some of the best toys and distractions you could ever want for your most active kitty. A smart cat needs a lot of distraction or else she will become destructive and crazy. The items we have hand-picked for Playful Cats will assure your dear kitty hours of fun. The centerpiece is a fine large cat wheel that your cat can exercise on, and it fits nicely into modern home décor. We have included an elaborate cat tree and a cat wall shelf that both look like art pieces rather than cat play areas. Of course, a comfortable cat bed is a must so we have included a tunnel with a plush cushion. Also, a series of cure wand toys that catch her attention will provide a fun game between you and your kitty. Not only do we also include some knit hand-made balls for your cat to play with, but also a large scratcher ball to roll around to get some more exercise. For some hunting stimulation, there is a maze for your cat to navigate with her paws and try to figure out on his own. If your cat likes to play, you will make his day with this bundle of fun.

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