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Unique and Handmade
Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Your kitty will love playing with this multi-dimensional fun playhouse that includes a cat house box that is connected to a large tunnel with many windows and holes to look through and pop out of for your cat to play peek-a-boo. Your cat can hide in the box and look out, or scamper through the tunnel and swat at a ball on a string at the end of the tunnel. When he gets bored with that, there's a sisal pole to scratch up rather than scratching the furniture. With a zipper that connects the tunnel to the box, it's convenient and simple to put away or move around with ease when the games are over.

Note: We make every effort to give you accurate information regarding manufacturer reported sizing, colors, and dimensions information for our products. Please note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, from time to time product sizing and coloring may vary slightly.

  • Specifications:

    • Size: 39 inches long, 19.6 inches wide, 18.9 inches tall
    • Made out of fleece
    • Colors of the tunnel and box are white and green

    The fleece covering is easily washed in warm water. Do not tumble dry and do not iron.

    The nest pad box should be cleaned regularly, as you would a normal cat house.