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Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique.
Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique.

Vintage Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie

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  • An easily removable bell attached to D-ring
  • Anti-slip buckle to prevent cat collar from self-adjusting its length
  • Comes with a removable bunny ear bow tie
  • High quality imported fabric
  • Safety breakaway buckle ensures your cat safety if the collar catches on something
  • Handmade
These handmade cat collars are made from 100% cotton fabrics with lightweight components for comfortability. We observe how cats groom themselves and how they react to the cat collar to ensure that the collar design is practical besides looking pretty. Cat collars are also tested by some cats so that we are aware of the durability of the materials or which component needs to be improved.
    • Please measure carefully before ordering, make sure to leave 2 fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck.
    • Use spot cleaning or hand wash with cold water. Do not machine wash as it will damage the product. 
    • Check and re-check collars regularly, particularly if your cat is still growing or putting on weight.
    • Size: 0.3 x 6-10 inches
    • Bow tie size: approximate 3 inches x 1 inch
    • Materials: cotton, silver
    • Style: Summer Bow Tie, White Bow Tie, Casual Bow Tie, Blue Bow Tie, Brown Bow Tie