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Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique.
Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique.

Fish Toys & Food Bowl Bundle

Color: Pink
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  • Bowls are plastic and come in three different colors
  • Catnip-infused for extra pleasure
  • Cute fish bowl with sardine toys
  • Handmade out of thread
  • Made in the US
  • Handmade
What a treat for your little kitty to have her own bowl of sardines. Well, they look like sardines, but they are filled with catnip, so your kitty will love them, and the handmade and hand-stitched cute fish that contain the catnip. See how your cat will protect her bowl and love her little precious treasure. (Cats enjoy catnip when they reach six to eight months old and sometimes it's not appropriate for some cats.)

Note: We make every effort to give you accurate information regarding manufacturer reported sizing, colors, and dimensions information for our products. Please note that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, from time to time product sizing and coloring may vary slightly.

  • Specifications:

    • The size of the Sardine Catnip Fish Toys is 4 inches by 1.5 inches
    • The size of the Tiny Fish Bowl is 5 inches in diameter
    • The Sardine Catnip Fish Toys are made out of felti, thread, and fiberfill
    • The Tiny Fish Bowls are made out of plastic
    • The colors of the Sardine Catnip Fish Toys are orange, blue, and white
    • Choice of colors of the Tiny Fish Bowls are green, pink, orange, or yellow