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Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique
Welcome to the Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique

The Temple Cat Furniture

Color: Teak
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  • Big enough for two cats
  • Choice of three colors
  • Pick a beautiful plant of your own to place inside this display
The Temple is fitting for homes with multiple cats. This large complex has many spots to move and rest so your cats will not compete for the same space and this can reduce stress in anxious cats. It will help curb unwanted behavior such as fighting and territory marking between your cats. The bridge is a popular spot for zipping across or lazing about. This can be mounted above your furniture with weight limits of 62 lbs per hammock and 85 lbs per shelf. The hidden brackets give the furniture a floating look. The package includes a bridge, escape hatch, planter, planter pot, planks, and grommets.

    • Products are designed to mount into studs at 16 inches apart on-center
    • Weight tested: 62 lbs per hammock; 85 lbs per shelf
    • Designed to mount along 6 studs, spaced 16 inches on-center
    • Wall-mounted to free up your floor space
    • Fabric is pre-cut, hemmed, removable, and washable
    • Hidden brackets give the furniture a floating look
    • 30 inches Bridge Top x 1
    • 18 inches Escape Hatch Top x 1
    • Planter Top x 1
    • Rust-proof, Stainless Steel Planter Pot x 1
    • Mounting Plank Tops x 12
    • Mounting Plank Bottoms x 16
    • 8 pre-cut sections of grommeted fabric
    • (A) 3 Grommets (16 inches) x 4
    • (C) 5 Grommets (32 inches) x 4


    • Size: Width - 90 inches, Height - 62 inches, Depth - 11 inches
    • Escape Hatch hole: 8 inches in diameter
    • Material: Cotton, Steel, sisal, twine, bamboo, paracord
    • Color: Teak, Brown, Black

      Note: Here’s a list of plants we think will work well for this structure: Spider Plant, Lemon Button Fern, Cat Nip, Cat Grass, Variegated Wax Plant, Lilyturf, and Boston Fern.