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Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique.
Welcome to Exclusive Cat Lovers' Boutique.

Soft Plush Cat Hammock

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  • A whimsical modern style cat cradle
  • An anti-sway device keeps it from swaying too much
  • Handmade from natural wood
  • Stores easily and takes a small amount of space
  • The set of wood swing is already assembled
This quaint cat hammock is made from all-natural wood that is attractive in any home and matches all home furniture styles.The hammock holds up to 30 pounds of fluffy feline who will find this an irresistible place for napping. Move it around to any part of the house
    • Easily movable and stores away easily
    • Hammock holds kitties up to 20 to 30 pounds
    • Comes with a step-by-step instruction manual or video instructions
    • Anti-sway design is included